Why your videos should have closed captions and how will this help in brand marketing?

The most powerful content in digital media is the “video with the text”. From start-ups to well-established companies, all are looking forward to raising brand awareness using video marketing. For engaging and attracting viewers, videos are taking over all the other forms of content marketing. According to the statistics of a popular social media: YouTube, in...Continue reading

How are organizations managing the “Work From Home” with the new customers and increased workforce?

Let’s admit that this pandemic has brought a massive overhaul in how organizations function and how people work. It has pushed the organizations and companies to go beyond the status quo and propel the management to introduce but accept a new working model, which is more digitally inclined and technology savvy.  The Remote working model...Continue reading

How content moderation helps UGC Platforms as a process to increase their revenue and user retention?

UGC (User-generated) content is becoming increasingly important in the social media-led world. It consists of various opinions, expressions both written and audio/visual content that one can express through a range of mediums such as written texts, images, or videos. At times, UGC content also tends to become objectionable and offensive on social media due to...Continue reading

Human-Generated vs Machine-Generated Captions – The Better Choice And Why?

With the tremendous rise in technology and advancements in every field, the new revolution is in the name of human-generated captions and machine-generated captions. Before we get down to analyzing which is better and why it is essential to understand the difference between them. Just as the name suggests, the human-generated captions are the by-product...Continue reading

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