What Makes Content Moderation a Growing Career Option in India?

When we are talking about content moderation, we are talking about the use of a set of rules that are predetermined for the practice of monitoring user-generated submissions to determine if a specific post or communication is permissible or not. With everything and everyone being digital and online, the need for content moderators is one like never before. With a smartphone in the hand of every person and access to easy and all-time internet, they all have the right and liberty to write what they like when they like and, most importantly, how they like. Content moderation is not only essential to control the image of a brand or a company but also to keep a strong check on any offensive and disgraceful remarks that, if published, are sure to spark off unwanted scenarios.

Over 19 billion apps were downloaded by Indian users in 2019, resulting in a 195 % growth over 2016 data

With an increase in the social media platforms and the smooth internet penetrations, there is an unprecedented upsurge in user-generated content. With more startups with UGC, be it a video, image, or other medium, people can do anything. It is the role of a moderator to maintain a strict check and ensure that only acceptable and un-harmful comments and posts are being used in their portals. In this era of digitalization, the need for content moderation is one like never before. And with these needs, it raises the big demand for content moderators in the industry. 

Since a large amount of content is being generated every day, the content moderation process is a blend of both humans and machine-controlled. In many sectors, people are using artificial intelligence and other developments to obtain systems that can not only perform tasks to control the quality but also play a significant role in maintaining the firm’s image. But since the knowledge of the machines is restricted, the need for human monitoring is huge. 

Facebook needs 30,000 of its own content moderators, says a new report.

There is no secret that with easy access to the internet and the many social platforms, the need for content moderation is not merely restricted to a particular part but across all geographies and boundaries. With India being a big market for internet users and easy access to everything online, the country is gearing up to find suitable and reliable people who can work for them as content moderators.

It will not be wrong to say that with the rise in the use of the internet and with everyone going digital, the demands for reliable and responsible content moderators will be very high. It will not be wrong to say that in today’s time and age, content moderators’ job holds immense potentials and perks. If you are searching for careers in India and is blessed with good knowledge in the vernacular languages, this is a good job option for you. With easy and flexible working hours, you are getting a head start in one of the solid careers and securing a decent place for yourself. 

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