Infoesearch Introduces “mShield” 3.0 with Added Features for AI + Human Moderation

Announcing Infoesearch Content Moderation Platform with Powerful AI – mShield 3.0

Can we all agree that content has become the most abundant entity on the Internet? With more content propelling towards the web, the need for language moderation stands more vital than ever. New tools and technologies constantly emerge to assist businesses with better language moderation services. However, some of them are sheer resolutions in the industry. One of such groundbreaking weapons is mShield 3.0 by Infoesearch.

Yes, you have read it correctly! We introduce mShield 3.0, having AI assistance and other added features for human moderation. We understand that human moderation services require leaning on cutting-edge technology. So, we have extended our toolkit with one of the best innovations in the moderation horizon – mShield 3.0. Here is everything about mShield 3.0 that you should know.

ai moderation - mShield 3.)

mShield 3.0 – A Feature-Rich Utility for AI and Human Moderation

Moderation services have gone beyond the conventional, thanks to next-gen utilities like mShield 3.0. Infoesearch presents the most advanced mShield 3.0 with a wide array of features to enhance the moderation game for everyone. Take a look at the features comprised in the mShield 3.0 suite.

1. Support for all International and Vernacular Languages

Infoesearch started with vernacular languages and extended to the North American and Asia Pacific ones. However, we have reached out to all international languages with mShield 3.0 joining our workflow. Our services now include all international and vernacular languages that anyone could consider.

2. Integrated AI Capabilities for Text and Media Moderation

Let’s admit that technologies have enhanced the entire moderation arena. One such advancement is mShield 3.0. The game-changing solution boasts integrated Artificial Intelligence capabilities for accurate text, video, and image moderation. We ensure optimum outcomes with “intelligent” products and bring better language moderation services for the community.

3. Reviewing & Enhancing User Hashtags

Infoesearch has walked far beyond moderating textual content. With the assistance of mShield 3.0, we can now review user hashtags. Social media and their trends are primarily derived from hashtags that users leverage along with their content. So, it becomes necessary to moderate user hashtags to establish healthier communities.

Earlier, monitoring user hashtags was a tedious job. However, they have become a cakewalk for our team with the emergence of mShield 3.0. Besides reviewing, our groundbreaking utility can enhance the hashtags and foster better social platforms effortlessly.

4. Filtering Competitor Content & Rating Posts

Users might post random, irrelevant, or low-engaging content on your UGC platform like pictures of various objects. Such unnecessary content creates a poor user experience and challenges the overall quality of the platform. The expert team at Infoesearch can rate such media based on their engagement using mShield 3.0. We provide star ratings or measure posts, images, and videos as High, Medium, and Low engaging content according to your guidelines. Finally, your product team can use our ratings as references to pick the content that requires putting down.

Apart from rating irrelevant content, mShield 3.0 can help with detecting copied content. It assists you in ensuring that you are not publicizing a competitor platform’s content and saves you from copyright claims. Also, we safeguard your interests in the industry by detecting the occurrences of your competitors’ logos and names on your platform through mShield 3.0

5. Worldwide Region-Based Content Screening

Content screening is a Herculean task, especially when it comes to filtering content based on regions. We leverage mShield 3.0 to unlock content filtering abilities according to the geographical areas. Such services have numerous advantages and can help you with several applications.

Although we offered content filtering to some extent, the inception of mShield 3.0 has enhanced the services to optimum levels. Now, we have exception region-based content screening services to help us precisely moderate the content circulating on the web.

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