Subtitling – The Unseen Art of Language and Culture in Our Screen-Dominated World

What, exactly, are subtitles and its significance? These days, captions and subtitles are embedded in most of the videos. Although helping the deaf and hard of hearing was the target goal of closed captions, it is no longer the primary goal. Subtitling is one of the two most popular techniques for translating audiovisual content. Subtitling...Continue reading

Localization and Translation Best Practices

Localization and translation best practices: Successfully marketing your brand to a global audience   Contacting the best firm to access quality services in localization and translation to market your brand to a global audience successfully is always commendable. To add more to this, our  Infoesearch, known for its services on localization (voice-over/dubbing, audio description, translation)...Continue reading

Profanity Filtering and How it Can Help Improve Trust and Safety

The Internet witnesses approximately 4.6 billion content pieces generated every day. With vast volumes of content, it’s more than likely that a significant portion of it could be termed “inappropriate” i.e., profanity, nudity, abuse, NSFW, hate speech, and whatnot. As content piles up on UGC platforms, a stringent profanity screening mechanism has become the need...Continue reading

Infoesearch Introduces “mShield” 3.0 with Added Features for AI + Human Moderation

Announcing Infoesearch Content Moderation Platform with Powerful AI – mShield 3.0 Can we all agree that content has become the most abundant entity on the Internet? With more content propelling towards the web, the need for language moderation stands more vital than ever. New tools and technologies constantly emerge to assist businesses with better language...

How Moderation Helped All UGC Platforms During Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost everything, from business continuity to the way we interact. Everyone was forced to avoid social gatherings and face-to-face meet-ups. However, the induced distance could not separate people from communicating with each other and maintaining healthy relations. How did it happen? The answer is social media! The social platforms kept us...Continue reading

How content moderation helps UGC Platforms as a process to increase their revenue and user retention?

UGC (User-generated) content is becoming increasingly important in the social media-led world. It consists of various opinions, expressions both written and audio/visual content that one can express through a range of mediums such as written texts, images, or videos. At times, UGC content also tends to become objectionable and offensive on social media due to...Continue reading

Human-Generated vs Machine-Generated Captions – The Better Choice And Why?

With the tremendous rise in technology and advancements in every field, the new revolution is in the name of human-generated captions and machine-generated captions. Before we get down to analyzing which is better and why it is essential to understand the difference between them. Just as the name suggests, the human-generated captions are the by-product...Continue reading

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