How Moderation Helped All UGC Platforms During Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost everything, from business continuity to the way we interact. Everyone was forced to avoid social gatherings and face-to-face meet-ups. However, the induced distance could not separate people from communicating with each other and maintaining healthy relations. How did it happen? The answer is social media! The social platforms kept us alive while we were compelled to lock ourselves in isolation. Consequently, the internet witnessed a Tsunami of all types of user-generated content. Such massive content sharing made it necessary to moderate UGC platforms and the information shared more than ever.

So, it’s safe to conclude that moderation played a vital role in screening irrelevant and toxic content circulating on all UGC platforms. But how did moderation do so? Take a look below!

How Moderation Helped All UGC Platforms During Pandemic?

1.Fostered Healthy Communities

The social distancing era pushed massive traffic towards social media. So, there was immense content sharing across platforms. The oozing volumes of content were consumable yet toxic. Users posted numerous inaccurate and misleading information on public media, and it was nearly impossible to control them without external assistance.

Right here, moderators emerged as the most effective weapons for UGC platforms. It helped the owners in screening all irrelevant content and put them down on time. Consequently, the moderators allowed preserving the community health during the coronavirus pandemic.

2.Offered Enhanced User Experience

What does a user think when finding a toxic post? Undoubtedly, it creates a negative impression on them. Frequent encounters with irrelevant content might lead them to abandon a specific UGC platform. In contrast, regulated content encourages users to remain connected to a platform for a long time. The effect of unregulated content was prominent during the pandemic when content sharing was widespread.

As every UGC platform wishes to offer an enhanced user experience, the adoption rate of content moderators skyrocketed. Repetitive content moderation assisted the stakeholders in refining the shared information and offering an improved user experience.

3.Provided Competitive Advantage

As users were unable to hang out physically, digital content hiked. So, users started finding better platforms to keep their views and communicate with each other. However, they stayed away from media comprising unregulated and toxic content. Understandably, the platforms that leveraged moderators gained an unbeatable competitive advantage over others.

Users tend to connect with moderated platforms that have a regulated environment and remain free from harmful content. So, moderation became the need of the hour for all UGC platforms to lead the industry and create a monopoly.

4.Rapid Decision-Making Abilities

When the content load is out bursting, watching over the information can be challenging. Yes, we are discussing the content boom during the pandemic. As a sudden growth in UGC was observed, filtering out toxic information and making immediate decisions was nearly impossible. Thanks to automated and “intelligent” content moderators that UGC platforms could make rapid decisions and keep the environment free from all types of inaccurate and disturbing content.

5.Catered to Workforce Shortage

Manual content moderation was a thing before the coronavirus pandemic struck our globe. However, manual efforts became insufficient when content volumes increased. Also, the outbreak affected the efficiency of remote workforces in either way. So, the UGC platforms had the ultimate option to leverage next-gen content moderators and cater to the sudden workforce shortage.

Moderation emerged as a savior for all UGC platforms during the pandemic. As you saw, moderation offered a myriad of advantages to the stakeholders, eradicated toxic and inaccurate information, and refined volumes of content. Now, moderators have become an essential aspect of UGC platforms. The inclination of user-generated content platforms on moderators is increasing, leading to better outcomes in the future.

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