Infoesearch adds more EU languages to it’s content moderation services

Infoesearch Penetrates Further into European Market with Addition of More EU Languages for Moderation Support

Digital content has become widespread. Moderating volumes of content to create a healthy online environment is tricky. It becomes challenging when you are to deal with multiple languages. So, language moderation is a modern necessity. However, finding a dependable organization that offers multilingual support is another Herculean task. At Infoesearch, we omit such a concern and offer premium moderation support for multiple languages.

At Infoesearch, we aim at offering the best moderation support in the industry. Such a motive was the backbone behind our tremendous growth. Moreover, customer trust and our eagerness to diversify still encourage us to work hard. We continuously set goals for our company—the recent one penetrating deeper into the European market by covering more EU languages under our hood. Thankfully, we did that! Now, Infoesearch has comprehensive moderation support with the addition of more European languages in our toolkit.

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What We Already Had?

Infoesearch has become a leading name in the moderation support industry. Our consistent services covering all the Indian vernacular languages have carved us into the best moderation services company in a time frame of around ten years. We have an evergreen spirit of winning over the International market by integrating moderation support for foreign languages.

For over ten years, we took one step at a time and added numerous foreign languages to our service catalog. Indeed, it helped us perform miraculously in the international market. We work with a myriad of social networks across the globe, review, eCommerce, edtech platforms, to name a few.

Besides moderation support, we offer high-quality content services, tagging or labeling content for AI and ML model training. So, Infoesearch is the most preferred option for all UGC platforms to meet different content requirements. Our AI-powered and human moderation services enable customer reliability and give us an unbeatable competitive advantage.

We have been offering seasoned moderation services for North American and Asia-Pacific (APAC) languages. Also, we extended our support by covering some European languages to play our cards in the European industry. However, we always felt novice in the massive EU market. Comparing ourselves to other moderation companies in Europe encouraged us to grow. The other agencies included a comprehensive list of numerous EU languages for moderation support.

So, here we are introducing the integration of more EU languages for moderation services.

Our Recent Accomplishment

As you already know, team Infoesearch knows no resting. We maintain a list of goals and ensure growth without standing stagnant at an achievement. Also, achieving more and loftier goals is a thrill for our team. Recently, we extended our company and went knee-deep into the European market by integrating more EU languages for moderation support. We always aimed at offering extensive moderation services to European customers.

So, our strong team upgraded to a wide array of EU languages and got a better hold of the international market. Now, we have unraveled yet another milestone in our journey and got a step closer to becoming leading service providers in the EU industry.

Our industry proficiency helps us identify and hire excellent native speakers who are well acquainted with the language’s accent and culture of the specific country. Besides having native speakers, Infosearch has become a renowned moderation service provider through many other qualities, including Live and 24/7 moderation support, zero crowdsourcing, and strict GDPR compliance. As the leading moderation service company, we commit to protecting the clients’ platforms from harmful and objectionable content relating to NSFW, nudity, child pornography, spam, and other irrelevant content. Now, the inclusion of more EU languages has made us wholesome.

We are looking forward to inaugurating better services in the future.

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