Content Moderators: The Gatekeepers of UGC Platforms

We live in an online world; the internet and digitalization are no longer just elements but a vital part of life. It is an era where from buying to selling, choosing your holiday to even for your everyday necessities, the internet has become a meditator. Everyone will put their best to create maximum profits through the medium of marketing, brand awareness, loyalty, and most importantly with reputation.

Moderation Companies: The content moderation companies are doing a great job in ensuring a healthy online environment, and a good company is the one that provides the wellness of their employees. The moderators watch many harmful, violent, blood, porn, disturbing, and horrific data throughout the day, resulting in a high risk of traumatic stress disorders and mental burnouts for them.


Social Media Platforms: Users tend to become vulnerable to a comprehensive set of opinions and comments. Brands shifting their focus on online and digital marketing from traditional marketing methods, the world understands the power of online marketing and online reputation quickly. This online reputation directly depends on user-generated online reviews & ratings.

Healthy Environment: Besides being a marketplace, the internet is also ruling as the primary source of entertainment globally. Content moderation is crucial to ensure that content in the portal should maintain a happy and healthy environment. The moderation process makes sure that only sensible and acceptable data is visible to all and saves people from a lot of seriously offensive, sexually abusive, explicit, and damaging content.

Cyber Janitor: It is only a team of good content moderators who can maintain a check on user-generated content and the right balance between interaction with the users and maintaining a brand’s reputation at the same time. We look for endless possibilities where both good and bad are sure to flow in abundance. They are like cyber janitors who can apply suitable filters to distinguish between the appropriate from the inappropriate and from the legal to the illegal.

UGC Moderation: User Generated Content in the present future is in high demand like never before. UGC in the form of reviews on products and services, sales, etc., plays a massive role in making or breaking your brand name. At least 60% of the viewers on your website will read and watch the customer’s reviews before making up their mind on buying or leaving your product. If these reviews from your customers are not moderated and censored, be assured that they will create more trouble than sales.

Artificial Intelligence: Some companies adopt substantial AI services to control workplace stress and employee wellness by adopting the right set of techniques and expertise. These AI Platforms need millions of annotations or tagged images to understand or learn more about the content, so even to make the best & accurate AI platform continuous work of moderators is involved.

Can moderating content companies deliver their best with only AI and create a safer internet ecosystem.?  No, Expert Human interpretation is also a must for any technology, even though it can create another world.


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