How content moderation helps UGC Platforms as a process to increase their revenue and user retention?

UGC (User-generated) content is becoming increasingly important in the social media-led world. It consists of various opinions, expressions both written and audio/visual content that one can express through a range of mediums such as written texts, images, or videos. At times, UGC content also tends to become objectionable and offensive on social media due to inappropriate or sensitive visuals and video content which might be problematic for a specific age group. Due to offensive content on social media, sometimes the users’ safety and protection also become concerns. And that’s where content moderation helps and comes into play.

Content moderation is one of the most effective and highly beneficial techniques to control and regulate the intensity of offensive and abusive content on social media and other platforms. For User-generated campaigns, content moderation is quite essential and significant. Let’s understand how it helps.

Content Modration

Helps in User Retention: An effective content moderation technique can solve audiences’ queries and moderate the user-generated content so that organic rankings can be garnered for the search engine. Thus, playing a pivotal role in user retention and content moderation before it can appear for the users’ consumption with artificial intelligence and human restraint. It also helps in organic ranking and helps your website rank faster as well.

Moreover, Content moderation keeps the platform healthy, user-friendly, and safe for all types of users. It ensures that the specific type of content is meant to be consumed by a particular kind of user bifurcated based on age categories. For example, kids are prohibited from consuming offensive and adult content. This can only be regulated because of this content moderation process. This way, kids are prevented from consuming content that can be age-inappropriate. An inclusive space is crucial for user retention since they find the platform more immersive and inclusive with a variety of content that suits their individual preferences the best.

Helps in user experience on the platform: Content moderators keep track of the comments, posts, feedback, and audience responses. It also facilitates favorable response by managing marketing expertise and strategies of the target audience towards the brand. Hence, enhance the user experience on the platform by addressing their concerns and removing unfavorable contents timely or solving the customers’ queries.

Brand and reputation management by generating wholesome, Creative Content: Content moderation helps build the rich brand presence and wholesome brand image in the market by creating highly creative, witty, engaging, and exciting content for the brands and letting the brands outshine on social media and connect with their audiences.

Monetization: When it comes to revenue of these platforms such as Instagram earns through the advertisements of various brands on these platforms that generate revenue for the said platform. Content moderation becomes essential here. It enables the platform to track social media insights such as the number of users, downloads, average time spent on the apps, etc.

Creating Safe spaces for users: Social media often becomes an extremely unhealthy and abusive space for users. Mostly, women feel a lot more threatened by vicious trolling and offensive comments they have to go through daily. At times, inappropriate and voyeuristic images may also affect the user’s mental health. Content moderation helps create a safe space for users by regulating and optimizing content being posted and shared on social media.

Enhancing Content purity, Connectivity and user base through transparency: Brands approaching social media and key video based platforms such as tiktok first wants to ensure that the content posted on these platforms is safe, clean and well connected to the audience or not. By safe content, they want content which doesn’t violate any specific standards and do not promote unintended or voyeuristic content through the platform. Only then, they choose to advertise on those platforms which in return enables the platform to generate revenue for the content creators. This works for almost every single platform be it Instagram, Tiktok, Spotify, YouTube etc. Content Moderation plays a key role in helping these platforms to earn revenue through a well moderated content as per the requisite guidelines and hence, lead to increase the spread of healthy, filtered content across the channels and enhance the user base through that which ultimately enhances the revenue of both the brands, creators as well as the platform.

Hence, in today’s world, investment in the moderation process is becoming increasingly useful to increase the brands’ revenue by fleshing highly engaging and relatable content that represents their brand voice and helps retain the user base and grow it.

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