Subtitles – The Future Of The OTT World

What’s OTT?

OTT is an abbreviated version of Over the Top. Now, if you are someone who loves to stream online and spends hours of your time on different OTT portals, then it’s highly unlikely that these words require much of an introduction. Still, those who spend hours on these platforms but don’t know what OTT is – These are streaming media services offered directly to the customers through the Internet mode. These services are not restricted to cables, satellite television, or broadcast but give the user the freedom to access them from their mobiles, laptops, digital media players, integrated smart TV platforms, etc.

Thanks to OTT portals, people all over the world are watching their favourite movies, series, documentaries, etc. What makes this even better is that today people have access to unlimited entertainment sources, breaking the language barriers and understanding. What enables them to watch whatever they like at any time and in any part of the world, without restrictions?

Dubbing is undoubtedly one option, but it is the subtitles that have entirely evolved the content a person watches these days.

Why subtitles?

In today’s time and age, there is no possible way that one can underestimate the power of subtitles. Some of the many advantages it has offered to include ensuring the growth of the OTT sectors and enhancing the viewers’ screen time. Subtitles have become an integral part of both the OTT companies as well as the viewer’s life.

Let’s have a look at some of its many advantages:

  • There is a large number of audiences worldwide who do not have the luxury to hear. For people suffering from problems like being deaf and suffering from other hearing impairments, subtitles are nothing short of a blessing. With the provision of subtitles, they are at a significant advantage of understanding what’s happening on the screen, just like everyone else around them.
  • It gives you the liberty of watching anything at any time. Has it ever happened with you that despite your desire to watch something at a particular time, you have been unable to do so because of your surroundings? Has factors like being in a noisy environment, silent library, or around others talking drained all the fun from listening to what the characters are communicating. If yes, then subtitles are your best bet. Whether you are with a sleeping baby or in a noisy place, be assured that with the subtitles available, there is no chance for you to miss out on anything.

Are subtitles better than dubbing?

Thanks to factors like video localization, viewers are now enjoying a wide variety of content from all regions without the barrier of language, thanks to voice dubbing and subtitles. Even though dubbing has triggered many opportunities for the language translation sector, it will not be wrong to say that somewhere it does hamper the feel of what you are watching. Subtitles are the best alternative. It gives you the liberty to understand what is going on the screen and does not manipulate the voice quality. The companies that have played a big role in enhancing the growth of the OTT sector are better known as Language Service Providers (LSPs). Because of their close associations with these portals, OTT has become a global sensation today.

Making subtitles a better choice

Though audio dubbing and subtitles are creating ripples in the growth of the OTT sector, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is quality. Even though the dubbing companies are doing a fantastic job in pulling a massive audience, subtitles enable a person to understand the multi-language content in a better way, in their language, and without disturbing the momentum of what they are watching. Without even the slightest of manipulation in the name of dubbing, subtitles maintain the watching feel and experience.

There is no denying that subtitles play a huge role in determining the success rate of the OTT. It retains viewers with quality subtitles and leaves no scope for errors and confusion.

Subtitles – A magnet attracting audiences

If confusion persists on what OTT is all about, then let’s make things further simpler for you. Examples of OTT media services range from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, YouTube red, etc. You have to agree with the fact that you have the luxury of watching a Spanish classic sitting in your Indian or American home. Thanks to the accurate subtitles today. Is it not because of these mediums that you have risen above the limitations of languages and are getting to witness some of the masterpieces from all around the world?

Let’s have a look at some of the pints which emphasize how subtitles have entirely revolutionized the OTT industry:

  • Unlimited accessibility
  • Reaching a large number of audiences.
  • Booster for search engine optimization.
  • Meets industry standards and ensures compliance.


We are no longer living in a time when the only source of entertainment is restricted to television and cables. Thanks to the many OTT portals today, people have the luxury to watch some of the best work from artists all over the world. It is excellent for a viewer to connect them to the world and bring them close to the masterpieces at the comfort of their homes. Also, for the artist, as they are gaining popularity and love on a scale never known before. But it is crucial to understand and acknowledge that the high success rates of these portals are credited to medium like subtitles. Not only have they resulted in better engagements all over the world, but have made their screens nothing less of global cinemas. They are getting the liberty to connect with people from all parts of the world in the most centric and convenient ways.

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